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OUR aim is Initiating an Outsourcing marketing Entity to serve all of the existing Local and International Banks requirements is a natural progression for Alwasl International Marketing. This new initiative is a component of a variation of Marketing Strategies forecasted and implemented at the appointed time; by the Group Chairman, Dr. Ayman Al Baya’a.

Due to existing business relationships, predominantly within the Banking Fraternity pertaining to outsourcing policy due to open market competition and the need of increasing number of sales staff and market share of credit and personal loans products through field visits and call center activities.

A variation of imminent Services is included within this new business component and will meet the needs of existing and potential Clients as per market trends and regulatory Policies of the UAE Local Authorities and the Banks Policies.

Clearly the intention is to provide a ‘Turnkey Solution’ to all Alwasl International Marketing Clients and the market where they can be assured of attention to detail service where the Deliverables will be met within a minimum time-frame.

Alwasl International Marketing will conform to all relevant Policies and Procedures pertaining to:
Code of Conduct
Professional Services and attitude towards Clients

Due to the Chairman and the Senior Managements experience within a variation of Business Sectors and the Middle East, it was possible for Alwasl Marketing to conceptualize their own Marketing and tele-sales Division,  

The Business 
Al Wasl International Marketing is a company specialized in outsourcing sales and marketing services, Operation and Data capture to our existing and potential clients, as per the signed contract for a certain percentage of the sale price of each product and fixed charges for the operation tasks

Strategic Alliances
Al Wasl International marketing is a subsidiary company of Al Wasl international group, where we have ties with banks and corporate customers, this type of link will help in providing business.

Product and Services

We are providing our Sales and marketing services to the market place which will be unique in the market as we have long experience in banking products

Unique features or proprietary aspects of Product
We address our unique services to enhance the bank capabilities in providing services to their clients using our long banking experience and giving chance for our clients to emphasis in customer services which will increase their prospects customers and reducing cost of internal administration work Our mission is that to be market leader in outsourcing for banking sector, minimizing clients risk and incurred costs.

Our services are unique in UAE market as we are providing services to Local and foreign banks with long banking experience, to increase the productivity and efficiently.

We are providing efficient services to our clients as follows
Well educated and trained staff.
Covering all Emirates plus our external branches in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan , Syria, Bahrain
Providing MIS and market studies in banking industry.

The aforementioned has made a large difference between Al Wasl Marketing and our competitors.

Management Team 
1.General Manager and owner
2.Business development manager
3.Sales manager