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Dr. Ayman Al Baya'a
Legal Consultant (Chairman).
Dr. Ayman Al Baya'a is a Legal Consultant and the Founder of the Group. He obtained his Law Degree from the University of Cairo in 1989. In 2000 he obtained his Masters Degree in Law from the University of Yemen with his Research in the field of Commercial Corporate Law ( Arab Commercial Corporates ).

Dr. Ayman has been practicing Law for more than 13 years and has attained his professional experience in a variation of Law Firms in the UAE. He Joined Al Hawai Law Firm in 1994 as a Legal Consultant and Managing Partner until he initiated and established the Alwasl Intl Group Advocates and Legal Consultants 2002.

Mr. Al Baya'a is an active member of the International Law Societies, (AFRO) Aslan Lawyers Federation for Human Rights , Union De Advocates Arabes, and enjoys extensive relations with Law Offices across the Arab world, which enables him to conclude Association Agreements with many of these offices. He is an active Member of many National and International Legal Organizations. He is also a Member of The Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners (HRCAP), Egyptian bar Association and The International Bar Association ( IBA ).

Dr. Ayman has acquired invaluable extensive experience and sound relationships within the Banking Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Maritime Law, Insurance, Criminal Law and Litigation arenas.
Abd El Aziz Hammadi
Advocate & Legal Consultan t

Mr. Abd El Aziz Hammadi worked as legal consultant for several multinational companies in the U.A.E and abroad, he is licensed as cassation lawyer by Dubai Courts.

He earned a vast experience in different aspects of law during the period of 28

Dr. Abdul Rahman
Legal Consultant.
Dr. Abdul rahman an Egyption National holder of doctorate in Law has a considerable experience for a period of 25 years. He joined AWIG in its execution department in 2007
mahmoud azab
Mr. Mahmood Azab
Legal Consultant, head of Criminal Department.

Mr. Mahmoud Azab is member of Cairo Bar Association as from 1988. He earned a higher degree in criminal law in 1988.

He worked in Egypt until relocating in the U.A.E, where he worked in Al Wasl International Group Advocates & Legal Consultants as criminal lawyer in 2003.

In year 2005 he was registered as cassation lawyer by Cairo Bar Association.

In year 2005 he was licensed by the federal Courts in the U.A.E

In year 2006 he was licensed as lawyer by Dubai courts.

He earned a vast experience in different aspects of law during the period of 23 years.

Mr. Emad Al Baya'a
Associate Legal Consultant.

Mr. Emad obtained his Bachelor Degree from the Social and Sciences University in Yemen. He worked as a Judicial Assistant in Dubai Courts for 21 years. During his tenure he acquired experience in all Legal Procedures, in addition to his specialization in Execution, Insurance and Intellectual Property. He is bilingual in Arabic and English

• Managing a variety of legal issues. Negotiate and draft contracts and agreements including agreements, sales deeds, memorandum of article and association etc.

• Managed correspondence with International Law Firms and advised clients concerning Trademarks, filing suit for infringement of proprietary rights and oppositions.

• Provided counsel and advice to corporate clients on commercial, investment, business and labor law matters. Represented client in court and before various Law enforcing bodies and Governmental departments.

• Responsible for providing legal advice and counsel to corporate clients on agencies and international trade and related litigation matters.

• Researched, analyzed and monitored developments in the field of Law. Provided regulatory and technical advice to corporate clients.

• Provided seasoned legal expertise on international arbitration matters, including research, preparation of settlements of defense, and rebuttals.

• Manage legal issues for corporate clients from manufacturing, trading & Airlines Industry having national and international operations.

Mr. Atef Al Wardany
Recovery Team Manager.
Mr. Atef obtained his B. Com Degree from Cairo University, Egypt. He has over 20 years experience with the Banking Fraternity in the UAE of which he served in a variation of Collections Departments for 13 years and more. He was instrumental in establishing the Collection Units for the following Multinational Banks and the Private Sector : - Citibank - HSBC Middle East Bank - General Manager - Hadaf Al Khaleej Debt Collections He initiated the Department's Policies, Procedures, and Software System to facilitate the process based on his sound Legal background and Resources acquired during his tenures of Employment.
Mr. Hani Atta
Legal Consultant.

Mr. Hani Atta an Egyption National holder of bachelor degree in Law from Zagazig university in 1999, He is member of Egypt Bar Association for high appeal and council of the state.

Legal researcherin the legislative committee.

Member in the Arab Lawyers Union and member in international Arbitration Committee.

He joined AWIG in its execution department in 2003


Adeeb Abu Musleh
Legal Consultant

Adeeb is Jordanian national holder of Bachelor Degree in law from Isra Private University of Jordan 2004, He has 9 years of experience as legal consultant and specializes in cases of marriage and divorce, drafting contracts, civil and commercial cases, Research in air law, He is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association 8 years of experience in Jordan courts as a Attorney Lawyer in Commercial, Criminal, Civil, real estate and labor disputes Joined AWIG As Legal Consultant in 2012.

Mr. Amir Mohamed Hashem
Legal Consultant.

Mr. Amir Mohamed Hashem is a Legal researcher graduated from faculty of law on 2000. He is responsible for following up the courts procedures and the Court hearings

He worked for 7 years as a lawyer in Egypt & joined in Alwasl in 2007


Dr. Ayman Abdullah Al Baya'a
Chairman & legal Consultant Al Wasl International Group

Advocacy and Legal Counseling is a firmly established and deep-rooted Profession that has been outstandingly developed during the last decade. It is occupying an important role in almost every aspect of our modern life.

The rapid and diversified nature of our New Age including the Technological pace has highlighted the necessity and importance of rendering new, effective timely Legal Services. It is through Legal Counseling and Services that the rights of Civil Societies are being secured and its obligations are being fulfilled. Hence, Legal Services has become the 'keystone' upon which all Individual and Corporate relations evolve.

Our philosophy is captured by our core values: purpose, commitment, excellence, and society In light of this role, it has to be stated that the Advocacy and Legal Counseling Profession has Foundations to be guarded and Values to be observed. A Lawyer has a serious commitment to organize Commercial and Civil relations between different Parties in a way that secures rights, lessen damage and avoid or, at least limit, any possible future dispute which may arise due to confusing or vague wording. An Advocate shall also have an equal obligation to dedicatedly and professionally follow up and recover his Clients rights in accordance with the morals of the profession and in full compliance with the applicable rules and procedures, without prejudice. One of our core strengths is the user-friendly way in which we bring multi-disciplinary teams of professionals together to maximize results for our clients. our attention to providing business-smart solutions for our clients based on an understanding of their exclusive needs are reflected in the overwhelming majority of our clients who choose us to support with issues spanning multiple legal disciplines.

These are some of the Values, Principles and Traditions that Al Wasl Group has been established upon and will strive to apply.

Al Wasl International Group, Advocates & Legal Consultants (AWIG) is one of the most prominent local law firms in the U.A.E. with a large team of experienced lawyers and a network of offices in the region. The head office is situated in Dubai with other offices in Abu Dhabi , Dubai Internet City and Sharjah.

Founded by Dr. Ayman Al Baya'a, AWIG is well known regionally and internationally as one of the pre-eminent legal services providers to the Business, Banking, and IT industries. With more than 13 years of experience in legal consultancy and advocacy, the practice has attracted clients seeking specialized and innovative quality and professional legal support in civil, criminal and commercial matters.

The group has in its service a number of distinguished and experienced advocates and legal consultants who provide practical solutions to legal problems and take into full account clients' commercial objectives. A competent team of legal assistants and administrative staff provide the necessary backing for the legal team. In addition, the group is associated with more than ten legal offices abroad, to ensure proper legal representation and services to its clients.

With these combined strengths, the firm has become a prominent player in the provision of legal services to the corporate and financial services sectors locally, regionally and worldwide.